ALDinHE Conference abstract
Learning developers consider the engagement of students in academic skills development as a key aspect of their professional practice but with a decreasing number of staff and resources it is often difficult to maintain this service.

The University of Leeds has an established network of librarians working with academics to develop students’ information literacy skills and the move of the learning development team into the Library identified an opportunity to utilise this network to engage a wider group of students.

This session will describe the LibTeach programme, a collaboration between library, staff development and learning development teams. The programme used submission for Associateship of the Higher Education Academy as a motivator to encourage the transition from a ‘training’ culture to the inception of a community of practice of librarians who teach. We will look at the context; purpose; content and structure of the initiative as well as discussing the factors which have led to its success to date and follow this with an opportunity for structured discussion.

The session will be of interest to learner developers who work with librarians or who are looking for strategies to engage with (more) students. A parallel paper has been accepted for Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC) being held simultaneously at The British Library, London. It is hoped to establish a virtual link between the sessions to facilitate a shared discussion, hopefully live, but if not through Twitter and social networking. Details will be available nearer the time.

Linking details
Carol Elston and I will be presenting at ALDinHE before Rebecca Dearden and Rachel Myers do so at LILAC. We’re hoping to encourage a joint dialogue, however, by asking people to use the hashtags of both conferences in their tweets to link the two. So if you’re at either presentation, or can’t be there but would like to comment, please tweet using both conferences’ hashtags somewhere in your tweet:

#aldcon #lilac11

To follow the discussion, either search for both tags in twitter or watch the conversation develop here. And here’s a short URL to this feed should you wish to share it:

Tweets will be archived here.

Let’s see how this attempt to link Librarians and Learning Developers works out…

Slides now available on slideshare.

The video content is available here: