Having come to the end of AcWriMo, I’m keen to keep up the momentum and also to try out some of the ideas I’ve come across to motivate me to write more. Short notice, I know, but Im planning a ‘Shut up and write!’ / afternoon writing retreat at Manchester. I have booked a room from 1:00-4:00 pm  for Wednesday 4th December (Group Study Room C1.21 School of Arts Languages and Cultures, Graduate School, Ellen Wilkinson).

It only has a capacity of six, so please add a comment below if you are planning on coming. If there are more than six of us, I will try to find an alternative venue.

The room is booked for three hours, but I’m thinking we would perhaps have two blocks: 20 minutes social/intro, one hour writing (in two Pomodoros?) and do this twice, but I’m open to suggestions.

Having read various blogs, it seems these kind of events work best if:

  • you think beforehand about what you want to work on and do the reading/prep before you come
  • phones and internet are turned off during writing periods
  • there’s a good supply of drinks and snacks

There are coffee making facilities on the first floor (bring your own mug), I’ll bring milk and possibly snacks.

It would be great to make some new writing buddies, whatever your subject. This is an experiment and new for me, but anything which can help defeat isolation and procrastination is worth a shot!