HUMS Writing Group Poster

I had my panel last week and have a serious amount of writing to do over the next few months. The Shut up and Write! sessions we’ve been holding face to face and online have been extremely motivating, and a couple of people have made it through to submission, so completion is possible! I’m planning sessions on campus on 21st October, 4th and 18th November. Based on previous experience, things work best if:

  • we think beforehand about what we want to work on and do the reading/prep before we come
  • phones and internet are turned off during writing periods
  • there’s a good supply of drinks and snacks!

We’ll be in SALC for the first one and there are coffee making facilities on the first floor (bring your own mug), I will bring milk and possibly snacks. The room is booked for three hours in total, with (nearly) two hours dedicated to focussed writing time. This is the schedule we’ve used:

  • 20 mins social time: intros, writing goals for the day, setting up (and biscuits)
  • 25 mins writing
  • 5 mins silent break, no talking in the room
  • 25 mins writing
  • 20 mins social break, coffee (and biscuits)
  • 25 mins writing
  • 5 mins silent break, no talking in the room
  • 25 mins writing
  • 20 mins social time; follow-up, feedback, discussion (and more biscuits…)

If you are going to be late, the etiquette is that it’s OK to arrive up to 15 minutes into the pre-writing social time. This leaves 5 minutes before writing starts for you to get set up (and you’ll have to be quick!). We discussed at earlier sessions about people who could only commit to half the time (or need to leave early) and decided that was OK, but joining or leaving in the social time/breaks at the beginning, middle or end of the whole session causes least disruption. Of course, this is just the model we’ve used in the past, it’s all open to renegotiation at the start of each session. All welcome!

For more info about how this started:

And how the first session went:

Being forced to articulate writing goals for the session and having the ‘tap, tip, tap’ of the keyboard or ‘scratch, scritch, scratch’ of a pencil drives the writing forward. We share writing tips and challenges, but best of all, we get to celebrate each others achievements, however small. Progress is progress!

For info on this and future sessions, find HUMS Writing Group on facebook here.

Download a .pdf version of the poster with embedded links here: HUMS Writing Group (best for sharing via email).